Austell Community Taskforce Incorporated

Our purpose is to systematically identify, connect develop and maintain

resources to serve the emerging needs in our community.


Sponsorship Package

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General Membership              

    Voting Power


    Community Networking

$    25

Non-Profit Membership          

    Include General Membership

    Community Resource Listing

$    75

Business Membership             

    Include General Membership

    Community Resource Listing

$  125

Sapphire Sponsors                 

    Include Business Membership

    Website & Newsletter Logo w/ Link

    Vendor Booth at One ACT Event

$  300

Diamond Sponsorship                    

    Include Sapphire Sponsors

    Booth at all ACT Events

    Splash Advertisement on ACT site

$  500

Emerald Sponsor                

    Include Diamond Sponsor

    Banner at all ACT Events

    Business Ads on Meeting Material


Austell Taskforce Membership

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