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Amateur Advocate offers a number of services and benefits to help those we partner with succeed. Our services include:

  1. Expedited establishment as an IRS-recognized
    501 (c) (3) organization
  2. Immediate affiliation with a long established and respected non-profit organization
  3. The legal, financial, and administrative benefits of establishing your independent program or association under the AA banner
  4. Immediate organization under a reputable and experienced 501 (c) (3) board of directors dedicated to aiding you in the day-to-day operations and sustained success of your organization
  5. Access to AA’s long established pool of resources, contacts, established networks, and expertise in establishing and running non-profit, community-based organizations
  6. Instant credibility in the eyes of businesses, government leaders, community leaders, and educational administrators due to your affiliation with an established and respected organization with a proven track record
  7. Instant credibility in the eyes of community residents because of your affiliation with an organization they trust and which has proven to care deeply and work passionately for the betterment of their communities and the welfare of their youth
  8. The credibility and experience to rally and enlist the services of needed volunteers through AA’s various avenues of contacts, media, etc.
  9. Greater financial resources and increased potential to qualify for grant funding, etc., because you are part of a larger, well-established organization that affords you access to a large database and greater potential to have mass impact

Amateur Advocate also provides your new association with key administrative services and support in the form of:

  • One of Amateur Advocate’s defining features is our innovative Box Program. This exclusive kit provided to all AA organizations, equips its partners with the marketing and administrative services they need to establish a successful organization, collaborate with complimentary programs, and affect powerful, positive change in our communities. Our Box Program provides your non-profit with:
    • A Trademarked Logo
    • A Ready-to-Go Marketing Package which includes professionally designed business cards and brochures
    • A Professionally-Designed Website (two options to choose from)
      • Option 1: standard template design (included)
      • Option 2: customized site designed to meet specific needs (additional fee)
    • Additional Products which your organization can offer and market, thus enabling you to enhance your services or offer additional resources
  • AA can build your website, ensuring that it is designed to function according to your specific organization’s or program’s needs, such as allowing donors to contribute online, compiling a database of contacts, registering volunteers, and much, much more.
  • AA provides its partners with immediate access to preferred and proven vendors who supply a range of marketing services, such as signs, flyers, brochures, business cards, web videos, and other needed materials


  • Life Skill Workshops: AA’s life skills workshops help build character and self-confidence by teaching youth how to master basic life skills such as:
    • Item one
    • Item two
  • Structured Recreational Programs: Our structured recreational programs provide activities such as athletic programs (both team and individual) and arts programs (music, drama, etc.).
  • Volunteer & Parental Association Programs: Our V&P programs serve to mobilize the community to support worthy community-based causes. We bring together parents, concerned citizens, and volunteers to effectively collaborate and partner with organizations, government officials, business leaders, and so forth to support constructive youth programs.
  • Amateur Advocate Initiative, Development, & Resource Assistance Program: Through this program, AA actively recruits, approves, and or solicits volunteers, needed professionals, trainers, teachers, mentors, and funding from national, state, and local organizations for the purpose of supporting AA-affiliated programs.


Amateur Advocate Association’s community association development program works to effectively improve communities by empowering the parents and citizens who live there. AA establishes itself as a central point of contact, informing and educating parents and citizens regarding the various programs offered in the community via AA-affiliated organizations. In addition, AA representatives serve these communities by acting as a liaison between community leaders and local, state, and/or federal officials who might supply assistance or resources. We also serve as active advocates to the local business community, faith-based community, and so forth. We don’t just provide communities with the programs they need; we give them the voice and advocacy necessary to establish and sustain them!



Amateur Advocate believes in the constructive value of sports, the arts, and other activities! We have seen firsthand how participation in such programs often allow youth to discover their talents, abilities, communication skills, passions, relationship-building skills, and so on. For this reason, AA is devoted to helping those wishing to establish athletic programs, arts programs, and other youth-related activities.

We also work on behalf of citizens hoping to introduce constructive recreational programs into their communities by helping to match them with existing organizations that provide the programs they desire. We work with these organizations to help them expand and strengthen their existing programs, as well as possibly providing new ones. We ensure that all facilities and equipment are safe and that the instructors involved have passed any necessary background checks, are highly qualified, and (when necessary) certified.



Every child is born with specific gifts, talents, and abilities. Every young man and woman has something they are, or could potentially be, passionate about. The question is not whether or not a child has talent and a passion; the question is whether or not they will discover and develop them.

Unfortunately, many of the opportunities that exist for youth to participate in sports, arts programs, and so forth require resources beyond the financial means of many families. In addition, budget constraints are forcing more and more schools to cut back on extra-curricular programs. The result is a population of youth from lower-income families who are missing the chance to engage in valuable, character-molding activities.

At Amateur Advocate, we believe that the programs we offer play a key role in exposing children to the opportunities they need to discover their passions and abilities. The associations and programs we help establish and support bridge the gap between the youth who will define tomorrow’s society and the experiences that willequip them to positively impact it.




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